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Welcome to our office! We look forward to meeting you and your family. We have been serving the Richmond District of San Francisco for over 10 years and love what we do!

The doctors provide comprehensive eye examinations to determine not only the exact prescriptions required for each patients visual demands, but also to evaluate the overall eye and general health of each patient. In addition, we have a brand new, state of the art retinal camera that allows us to photograph the inside of the eye to monitor and assess eye disease.

Our staff is highly trained in discussing all the latest lens designs and coatings (super thin lenses, no line multifocals, computer lenses, antireflective coatings, etc). Our staff works with each patient individually to determine which frames and lenses are best suited for their lifestyle.

Come on by, grab a cup of tea from our lounge, let us take care of your eyes, and take a look at our stylish and diverse eyewear collection–whether hip, conservative, luxury, or kids, we have it all.